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The digital revolution demands from all companies and organizations their digital offers remain contemporary.
It is important to integrate new technologies, automate existing processes and develop new business models. In this way you will always remain a company of this time with communication as a focus. Communication with customers, employees and business partners.


E-mail, telephone and electronic business are the most important channels for business communication. The exchange of information should not only be based on the latest technology. It must also be able to continuously meet the high requirements in terms of security, profitability and compliance.

It requires a lot of experience and know-how to be able to steer information flows at this level. Companies often also need a global infrastructure with ever-available data centers, advanced technologies and renewed cloud messaging services.

In short, an international gateway for information flows. This is what we can take care of at Doca Web Services.


The key to the success of a company is the reliable information flow and efficient processes.
Today, countless information packets are sent from one point to another. Every day! The number of information packages continues to grow. It is therefore essential that every piece of information reaches its destination and of course at the right time, in the right place and in the correct format. This is what we call ‘information logistics’.

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